The Code Governance Committee works with insurers to improve their compliance with the General Insurance Code of Practice and ultimately, the service they provide to consumers. To do this, we monitor Code subscribers’ compliance, work with them to address Code breaches, and provide detailed guidance.

Report a concern

Compliance guidance

To help insurers improve their service to consumers and lift Code compliance, we publish a range of documents with detailed compliance guidance:

  • Guidance notes elaborate on specific Code obligations – such as the financial hardship obligations in section 8 – setting out in more detail the Committee’s expectations and how we will assess compliance.
  • Compliance reports detail the findings of the Committee’s own motion inquiries and desktop audits investigating areas such as internal dispute resolution, add-on insurance and outsourcing. These reports include detailed recommendations for Code subscribers.
  • Annual reports offer a yearly overview of general insurance industry activity and compliance encompassing sales, claims, financial hardship and internal disputes. These reports include a number of recommendations for Code subscribers.

Please refer to the Insurance Council of Australia’s website for an up-to-date list of Code Subscribers.